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Written by Kay Allen OBE

The days of “cheque book charity” are gone as corporates demand more from their charity relationships.

This excellent best practice guide welcomes a new spirit of collaborations between business and the voluntary sector – a mutually supportive partnership which I hope will deliver increasingly creative solutions for the sector. – Nick Hurd MP - Minister for Civil Society


Really Useful Stuff

A new online marketplace for independent living products.

Founded by Kay Allen OBE.

Trading for Good

A new digital service helping SMEs build their reputation through responsible business practice.

Founded by Kay Allen OBE.

Unlocking Talent

Unlocking Talent offers a unique service to employers who have had the insight to help offenders back into employment - an essential part of any rehabilitation.

About Kay Allen OBE

Kay is an independent consultant operating in the field of Equality and Social Action. Kay is the founder of Trading for Good, a campaign supported by Number 10 and BIS. Kay has also just launched a new company called Really Useful Stuff aimed at improving the independent living market.

By being clear on our purpose we hope to make it easier for a charity to set out a proposal to us. Having the ‘right-fit’ strategic partner will allow us to make a difference to people’s lives, our employees, our suppliers, our customers and wider society.
Gavin Bounds – Fujitsu Chief Operating Officer


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